Chloe Paraty in Dove reveal!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm so in love with this bag.
  2. Love it!!!!!!
    it is not as light color as i would image, but stunning... now i am regretting i didn't get it...
  3. That's gorgeous! I would've expected Dove to be a grey though... :blush:
  4. Wow! That's not near as light as I thought it would be either. It's beautiful! Shoot, I love mine, but for the deal Saks had going on I would've had to go with the Dove!
  5. Pretty! congrats!
  6. thank you so much everyone! This was taken by iphone....I'll try to get some better shot later today with DSLR. I'm beyond happy with the 40% off :smile:

  7. Gorgeous looking bag! probably go with a number of outfit colours too.
  8. Soooo beautiful!! You are so lucky - 40% is a steal for a paraty! Enjoy!
  9. Stunning!!! The color is so beautiful!!!! Enjoy your new bag!!!
  10. Lucky with the Saks deal !! Congrats!! I missed out on that one... I adore it. :smile:
  11. Love the warm colour. Paraty is one of my favourites.
  12. Lovely, just lovely!
  13. Here are some modeling pics with natural light. Enjoy and thanks for letting me share
    DSC_5312.jpg DSC_5324.jpg DSC_5326.jpg

  14. SO Pretty. Thanks for sharing. I love your outfit!
  15. Beautiful color, congrats.