Chloe Padlock Pouch Belt NM Online $185

  1. SO cute! Does anyone own this?
  2. Wow that was quick. Not available any more.
  3. I do. I opened a thread a while back and posted a picture with the belt and pouch separated. The best thing is that the pouch can be detached from the belt and be used separately. I am using the pouch as a cute coin pouch!
  4. Sounds so cute and functional! Congrats on whoever scored on the sale :tup:
  5. Yeah. Congrats! Great deal too, consider that the coin pouch sold separately will cost $270 on!
  6. This is posted back online if anyone is interested!! Great deal, I think
  7. Thanks! I ordered it. :yahoo:Hopefully it's in stock.
  8. GREAT! I was really hoping a TPFer would scoop it up. That was such a good deal! :tup:
  9. Did you get the black or the whiskey? Post pics when you get it and let us know what you think. The leather on the belt/pouch is so soft. I think it is the same type of leather as the paddy. Congrats!:heart:
  10. I got the black! I'll definitely post pics when it arrives. I got a confirmation email so hopefully that means it's definitely in stock! I'm so excited. You have the whiskey one right? Just curious as to what you wear yours with?
  11. No. Mine is black. So far, I am using the belt and pouch separately. The black belt goes with everything. So far, I have only wear it with jeans....