Chloe Paddy (Whiskey?)

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  1. Here's a Chloe Paddy up for sale on Ebay.

    Bear in mind that the seller doesn't seem to have any pics up of their own...(maybe they don't have a camera?)

    BUT - Double money back guarantee, they accept Paypal and an Escrow service is also available so the item can be checked out before you pay and they post worldwide. Bingo!;)

    If i had the £.....:P :lol:

    [Edit] I've messaged the seller and she says the pics are of the bag that will be received.
  2. i'm sorry but those are stock photos.
  3. That's what i thought, that's why i messaged her to ask her if she had any actual photos...she says these are photos of the bag that will be received.
    She also sold another paddy recently in a different colour with good feedback.
    Anyway...the auction has ended now... ;)
  4. It doesn't make sense that she wouldn't put her own photos up....
  5. I agree....unless she's a professional photographer and those really are her photos!;)
    Everything else adds up though.:biggrin:
  6. Hmmmm ... I'm always suspect of folks who have more than a few bags (of either the same or similar) from the same designer ... and then don't even put up their own photos. Caveat emptor ...
  7. From what I've observed, every cheap bag on Ebay is fake. Some of the regular-priced ones are also fake. It makes me sick to think that people are paying that much money for fakes! Even worse, they do not realize it and are leaving positive feedback!
  8. oh man. chloe paddingtons are SO faked. Never buy without actual pictures.

    CeeJay, you should be suspicious. How the heck would somebody get there hands on so many bags at once? Answer: they couldn't.
  9. I agree that the lack of pictures are a bit odd....but the seller was offering a double money back guarantee...i don't think you can't say much fairer than that - buy it, get it authenticated, if it's fake, you get double the value back, if it's real, you get a bargain...
  10. It's not that simple to get these bags authenticated. Chloe boutiques will not authenticate. I imagine the seller would want something in writing in order to honor the money back guarantee.

    I know this particular auction has ended, but I would be very cautious about purchasing from a seller who is using stock photographs. Personally, I never would.
  11. and you shouldn't. even if they offer double-money-back, how do you know they won't disappear? Had that happen, very same deal, seller become NARU. Out my money. Chloe boutique won't way. IMO, it's not a smart thing to do. 99.999999% of the time you'll end up with a fake.
  12. how much are you really saving anyways? best bet is to get it from a reliable source. if you are willing to shell out that amount of dinero, what's a couple hundred?