Chloe Paddy, Silverado, and MJ Stam available

  1. I was at the Nordstrom in Tyson's Corner, VA this afternoon. They had lots of Chloe Paddys (2 whiskeys/tan, 1 ivory, 1 chocolate, 1 lizard) and Silverados (tan, python) and 1 MJ Stam in taupe. If anyone is interested, give them a call. VA tax is 5%.
  2. Oh...the Bloomingdale's had 1 black Fendi Spy and 2 Spy hobos (I think that is what they are in cognac and black).

    Good luck!
  3. I just returned a Taupe Stam to the Nordy's in San Diego - Fashion Valley Mal if someone wants it. It just wasn't my style. Their number is 619.295.4441. If Nordy's has a store in your state, you'll pay your local tax. Shipping is usually $8.95.