Chloe Paddy Question-help!

  1. Hey guys..I got a taupe paddy satchel(second hand) today and the grommet-under where the name plate sticking out...ITS SHARP!like a thumb tack sticking out..right under where the padlock flap is.....
    Can this be fixed?
  2. Is it only one or all four of them? I would imagine it can be fixed. Have you shown it to a leather specialist?
  3. Just one-under the lock corner..Just got it didnt know what to do..will go to leather specialist to see.....Anyone had this prob?
  4. This is the grommet on a medium satchel size paddy......anyone?
  5. Can you post a picture please?
  6. good idea..will post it in the AM..I love this bag..cuz my tote was too big for me and this one is JUST right..LOL...but I have to find a way of not stabbing myself when I open the bag!!LOL!
  7. I can only imagine that it could be fixed, but it's definitely hard to tell without a picture. ;) If it's something surly, I would send it back to Chloe.
  8. Some of the other paddy owners had the same problem, I believe. If you could take it to a chloe boutique, they should be aware of the problem - it has happened before. They should be able to fix it, but I guess you would have to pay, unless you have the original receipt.
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