Chloé paddy or Balenciaga city ...?

  1. First of all thanks to all of you who helped me to make my mind. I actually reserved the tod's and will get it next time I manage to go to town.

    Now I have a new dilemma...addiction is getting worse since I am hanging around here but I am having too much fun.

    I wanted to get the paddy next either in gris/vert or mastic(ivory) so beautiful both of them!
    But then I discovered the whole balenciaga collection and immediately fell in love with the truffles and grey city!!!

    Hard, hard, I can manage to buy me a "little" early christmas but I can only choose one keeping in mind that I don't own any of them.

    This will then be the end of spending until next year..that sounds terribly far but I will have to stick to it.

    So please lady's I need your help again!!!!!
  2. I think the Balenciaga City is a little to trendy. I'd go with Chloe Paddington in mastic.
  3. Oh this is easy...Balenciaga all the way!! Alittle warning though, they're addicting....I'm sure you've been warned before!:yes: They're very versatile and practical too! favorite style is the Twiggy though. I'm afraid the padlock on the Paddington will date your bag, I was going to add one to my collection until I tried it inperson....I just couldn't imagine myself in 2-3 years having a padlock on my purse!:shrugs: Here are two from my collection sense you are thinking of these colors and style. I have the truffle too but don't have pics yet, the color is gorgeous inperson! By the way your avatar is beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes!
    (4) Balenciaga Twiggy - 1055.JPG (1) Balenciaga City Bag - 1195.JPG
  4. I actually think the city is more...not classic persay, but will be in/carried longer. I've seen quite a few ladies here in Boston carrying around balenciagas but no paddys.

  5. Thanks pursemama this is the newest and last addition to my collection of three.
    He is a true sweetheart , you can hear the proud mum speaking!

    What the bags are concerned it get's worse and worse, at my "local" store they have the bag in light grey (I think the color you showed) and in ink...!
    Which is a color I found amazing when I saw it in the pictures.
    That makes me lean more in direction of balenciaga but...

    ohhh it's so hard!
  6. I prefer the style and leather of Paddy. =)
  7. Balenciaga for sure! I'm not a fan of the Paddington... if Chloé, then EDITH :love: all the way!
  8. I think the balenciaga will probably be "in" for longer than the chloe paddy....
  9. I'd go with Balenciaga too - I think the Chloe will date much faster... Balenciaga has been around since 2001 and has been put on a lot of magazines list of bags to have in a collection, but the Paddy doesn't usually make it.
  10. I am all for the Paddy in gris/vert.
  11. I really like the paddy, it seems durable, it holds quite a lot, I can carry it on my arm or my shoulder, and it is cute, but not pretentious. I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.
  12. Balenciaga gets my vote!..Chloe IMO is already a passed trend...the bags seem to just be sitting on shelves collecting dust.
  13. Tough choice! They are both gorgeous bags. :yes: I think I would probably go with the Balenciaga because it is lighter than the Paddy. As much as I love the Paddy it is heavy.

  14. Thanks everybody it really is as tough decision but I think the balenciaga is winning. Laria the weight truly can be an issue especially since I carry not only a bag but often also an 8 month old.
  15. I don't own a paddington but I've owned several Balenciagas (now I have only one:crybaby: ) so Balenciaga definately gets my vote!
    I just love bbags, they are very comfortable and lightweight.
    But be pursemama mentioned, they are really addictive!!:P