Chloe Paddy opinions

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  1. What do you guys think of this style? If I already have the sable paddy (pale pink/see my avatar please) would getting this cream one be too similar??

  2. I love that bag and I don't think they are similar.
  3. Twinklette- what is this style called? How big is it?
  4. I've never seen that style before. I like the lock on the side. I don't think it is too similar to your pink one. How much are those going for? It is gorgeous!
  5. Wow, I like it!!! What's that style called?
  6. That's the zippiee or something like that. But the colors are kind of similar. Wouldn't you want a darker color, say a whiskey or a black or choco?
  7. the zippiee? I :love: it! Is it the same size as the paddy?
  8. I'm not sure about the measurements. Don't quote me on that name, I'm having a senior "day" today! LOL
  9. They do seem similar but both so pretty! If you like both & can swing it then go for it!

    I'm aching for something in a light color myself...
  10. I just called Chloe in costa mesa. The SA said it is called the zipper paddington but they were not going to get any.:sad2:
  11. I think they call it the east west paddington. I love this style!
  12. Twinklette, where did you see this bag? I wonder if it will come in the new, Mousse color...:smile:
  13. Yes, that is what I think, too.
  14. I think the colors are too similar even with the descriptions you gave. A much different color would probably give you more variety... e.g. mousse, anthracite, etc... but in the end, what you think matters most. If you think you'll get the mileage even with the similar color, then I'd get it.
  15. It's the east/west style. It's about the same size as the original paddy but shorter in depth and height. :love: