Chloe paddy on sale at SAKS San Antonio

  1. I saw 3 medium paddys at San Antonio Saks last weekend, there's a tan, a choco and a sand classic paddy on sales table, all for 40% off.:tup:
    Anybody interested can make a try. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the post!!!
  3. Thanks for posting....I called and they are only 30% off!
  4. Just curious if anyone knows if this will be the best discounts given this shopping season? Meaning will there be further discounts more than 30%??:confused1:
  5. chinky - there will always be better prices the longer a bag hangs around. BUT - there is always a BUT - you take the risk of the bag you want being gone. You have to get a feel for how many are out there and how they are selling and for how long. After all - they do have to make room for new styles.
  6. Thanks for the advice divnanata. I guess I have to decide how bad I have to have it:graucho:

  7. Between Dec/Jan the prices are great:nuts:!!!! You're able to get two bags for the price of one:yes:.
  8. Mona thank you for the correction.
    I also am hoping they would further reduce the price. I am spoiled after last sales season.:p

  9. So how much is the price for thse then? I realize I NEED a Chloe` paddy...
  10. You can find out on Nap, $1540 it is.
  11. I just purchased a chocolate front pocket Paddy this afternoon for $844 total, including taxes and shipping. I think the orig. cost was just over $1000--there is an additional 20%, and if you use NM charge another 5%. I'm looking for a great chocolate color bag, not sure if this is it, but couldn't pass up this great deal, as the Paddy hasn't worked too well for me in the past, end up returning them, but thought why not..........this is the right color, right price, if I don't like it, I can return it to my local (1 hour away) NMLC. So, I'm currently working with 3 chocolate Chloe's -- 2 to go, 1 to stay.
    They still had one left, not sure which color.
  12. Congrats.....which NM did you find it at?
  13. Is it the small front pocket paddy or the large? It's a great price regardless of the size. Here I do NOT have a classic Paddy, I do have a small front pocket and a tall shopper but the classic model doesn't work for me? Also I think I'm done with Paddies but not Chloe's in general. Go figure? I have two chocolate bags, it's a fabulous color!:tup:
  14. Wow Ilson - you are on a roll! Paddies are the best even with the weight.
  15. Think it's the large, she measured it for me, 16-17 x 9?? Just couldn't resist the price. Also, I had called several in TX (I seem to have good luck with those stores), and I think (I know.....) it was San Marcos (San Antonio)..........yes, I'm on a roll ---rolling through my money.....LOL