Chloe Paddy - If you can only have 1, what colour?

  1. Of course that doesnt exist in our real world that we can only have 1 Paddy :graucho:

    however I'm interested in everyone's opinion what colour would they choose if they can only have 1. :king:

  2. Craie.:heart::heart::heart:

    Without a doubt.

    And I got sooo unbelievably lucky last week to find a craie bag in a loaf style (thank you Sonja for showing me The Perfect Chloe bag)

  3. Hmwe stop torturing me :lol:!

    Everytime I think yep, I'm happy at my Chloe collection (thanks to you, Chloe-babe, Chicky and Roxanne)
    you ladies are all responsible for my neverending chloe obsession and addiction :graucho:

    you rub it in again with your ever so wonderful new bag and older collections :devil: get me tempted and the cycle starts again...:greengrin:

    How pretty is that loaf! love everything about it!
  4. Ooooooo hmwe46 so gorge:drool:
  5. I don't have one yet, even if it won't be that long.
    I opted for a blanc/ivory think it's just very classy and great for spring and summer.
    (Now this excludes half of the year so I think I should make it two...the choco is just so yummy too!)
  6. I would choose whiskey, chocolate or mousse. Ok, this is impossible- you can't choose just one!
  7. Agree with jag. It's impossible... :wondering

    My picks would be whiskey or bleu nuit...or craie... or...
  8. Bleu nuit, this bags goes well with all my jeans.
  9. I've owned quite a few paddies in my day but I have recently really whittled down my collection to: my aubergine satchel for day and my anthracite mini paddy for my night bag. (still own gold pocket paddy but am selling it.)
    I really love the metallics because they are so different. I love the funky spin they put on such a classic bag. So, to answer your question, I'd guess I'd pick aubergine or anthracite if I had to choose just one for me.

    However, I looooove classic colors like whiskey, chocolate, taupe, sable, muscade, etc. on people other than myself! I tend to think of my Marc Jacobs bags as my classics and my paddies as my funky bags. :heart:
  10. Craie~ BTW, this is the only paddy I have!!!!
  11. My one and only true love: Anthracite Medium Satchel! Loveit
  12. Blanc. I love the white and cream bags. I'm new to collecting chloes, so I have not seen any of the other light bags in real life.
  13. blue nuit.... it seriously goes w/ everything.
  14. Metallic Blue Nuit :yes:
  15. Grenat!!