Chloe Paddy, how do u feel when you carry this bag?

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  1. Hi..
    I just bought a Chloe Paddington bag in Black. This bag is so gorgeous. I never tought i would buy on. Till last week, when I was in Paris, I seen this bag in real, and im like:shame: :amazed: woow! I need to have this bag.And theres no waiting list in Paris.;) I liked dark brown most before, but then black looks better to me that day, i dont know why.

    Next day, i wore the bag. And i have a very nice and gorgeous feeling having this bag on my shoulder;) .Not like my some other bags.(am I over reacted here?) Seems like so many people staring at it.They even talk about it next to me..heheh,,,,Well girls, im just so happy with this bag.Im enjoying it.
    I also have lots of other bags in my closet(most PRADA, LV, Gucci,Dolce,Dior,Mulberry ) but i think this Chloe Paddington is the best one.
  2. Great feeling have a really good bag on your shoulder /hand
  3. Congrats on your new Paddy!

    I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way with my first LV and recently with my LV monogram mini diaper bag. It's like being in bag heaven! Can't wait to get my whisky paddy (on pre-order).
  4. Congrats on your new purchase! I'm happy you're enjoying it!
  5. I also fell in love with it on my shoulder ! It really is a perfect bag. WHISKEY:love:
  6. I love carrying my paddington, I can say that it is my favorite bag. I love the color (it's whiskey), it goes with so much in my wardrobe, especially jeans. It sits just right on my shouder. I thought it was big at first, but now I think it looks just right on me :biggrin:
  7. Honestly, HEAVY is what I feel! HA! When I first got it it wasn't as 'hit' as it is now. But did get a lot of compliments (girls) and questions as time went on. Guys kept on asking me why I carry such a huge lock with me! HAHA!!
  8. mine is choco...after i get used to the weight, it's pretty lovely. I love it's old buttery leather.....looks so cool...and i also like the smell of it...ha..ha..
  9. Darn you guys are so happy and I'm just sitting on the wait list. :sick: Congrats on the paddy...enjoy!!! By the time I get mine it'll be old hat to you all. Someone has to promise to act all excited for me when I finally get mine.
  10. I will act very excited, and jealous, when you get it! :amuse:
  11. i love the paddington.......! i have 3.
  12. wow....we all feel the same way uh...
    well Rambo2, u are a real paddington!

    When i was in the Chloe store, i asked the salesgirl if the PAddington bag will be still famous this year and next year or maybe another year, hehe...because u know, i dont wanna buy a bag that only 'in' for this year!!!But she said, the Paddington is CLASSIC, and CHLOE will always produce this bag again and again and again. Thats nice to hear;)

    Well, thanks for all the replies!

    ps: sorry for my bad English

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  13. I forgot to say something..did u guys know that the latest Black paddy lining inside is black now? before was light brown or something?
  14. How do I feel? Like I want another's like heroin. I have a whiskey and a choco and now I want another!!!
  15. hehhehehhe......
    me husband is the one who force me to buy this bag when i was in paris...but yesterday i told him to get another one in tanned, and he said im crazy now..sort of..haha!

    hey greenie, i have a question, did your bags get a scratch somewhere, like in the hardware or the padlock. and did the color change to shining gold?