Chloe Paddy from BlueFly?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm still searching for my black Chloe paddy. It's been months! I came across the black one I want (with the gold hardware) from BlueFly for $1,200 (plus 15% off which would come out to about $1,115) I think that's an awesome deal on a brand new paddy. I've heard some horror stories about fake Chloe's from Bluefly so I'm a little scared to click on the order button, lol
    I just want to know everyone's opinions before I take the plunge! Thanks!

  2. Stay clear

    Avoid at all costs - once a faker always a faker in my books.
  3. bluefly sent me TWO fake chloes. when i sent them back, they denied that they were the chloes they sent me. i disputed charges with my credit card so I didn't end up paying for them, but the headache wasn't worth it. I know that some people have gotten "real" ones, but with all the superfakes out there, I would always have a niggling doubt that it's fake.

    You should go with or neiman's. it may cost more but you'll KNOW it's real.
  4. OMG.. I was just going to say my chloe I received from them was real but after reading this never mind. Now I'm scared to order from them again:wtf:.
  5. I just purchased a Chloe Galet Bowler that I'm very happy with from Bluefly and previously some Bottega Veneta items. There are quite a few responses in the Bluefly Bottega thread from PFers all happy with their Bottega items. I truly understand anyone who has concerns given there were issues in the past. I think they have tried to fix problems they had with fakes, I've heard that people were returning bags to them that were fake. They now put tags on all their bags (like Net a Porter) to ensure they get back the same bags they shipped. When they have their various coupon sales, its possible to get 40% off, and they have a 90 day return policy. I've sent back multiple items just because I changed my mind.
  6. I know that other ladies have reported fakes being received while others have had super authentic bags received.

    However for complete piece of mind as I am super paranoid! I would purchase elsewhere:smile:
  7. I had a fake from them once but then I ordered other stuff and it was real....I think they are trying to cleanup thier act!
  8. we go again..:yes: I have ordered multiple paddys and wallets from Bluefly and didn't have any problems. I do think that they had a problem with fakes, but the fakes were coming from people who had returned the fake to them, or they were fooled by unscrupulous suppliers. :cursing: In any case, because it's so easy to return merchandise to them, (if you do NOT remove the security tag) I do not see any great problem or risk in buying from them...:tup:
  9. ITA with Beanie - I got an awesome deal on a Gucci Bouvier in Bordeaux and it had a security tag made of paper so if you tried to remove it by pulling it apart, you'd ruin the tag and thus nullify your ability to return. I didn't love the Gucci so I returned it and was promptly credited back, no problem! So go ahead and use a different email so you can use the new customer discount for an extra 20% off!!!
  10. Noha- I was searching all over for a black paddy as well. After getting scammed 2 times on ebay last year and not knowing until I stumbled upon this site a couple months ago, I'd stay clear of a place that was known to sell fakes no matter how many people have receive the real deal lately. Although, it was alot more money than bluefly, I wound up purchasing my black chloe classic paddy with the gold hardware from Before I purchased it, I e-mailed the product advisors about the differene of the black bags they had listed on their site because there were a few. The one I wanted was from 06 but has the most scrumptious leather that is soooooo smooshy and pebbly. I am 100% happy with it! So much so that I bought another paddy in muscade from them:smile:) Give them a try! If you are not happy with it, you can return it as long as you let them know within 7 days and you don't cut the netaporter tag off. I am sure you will love it and knowing that it is authentic only makes it even better.

  11. Noah23-

    Here are pictures of my Noir 06 & Muscade 07 from Net a Porter. Maybe seeing these will help make your choice.


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  12. Yup, here we go again. I don't find it unduly harsh to wonder about any business that has sold fakes in the past, or to prefer other sources. Some poor individual on ebay doesn't get the same understanding treatment. NM or Nordie's get totally raked over the coals for selling the errant used, returned bag, as well they should. It IS a business, and they don't put the products out there and expect to get buyers, which is their sole goal, by saying this may or may not be real - buy at your own risk. They claim the bags are all authentic, so it's their duty to make sure that they are. It's that simple. A business has to learn which suppliers or sources are reliable and have the ability to figure it out if they are selectively targeted for the return of many fake bags in place of real ones purchased, or are buying from bad sources. It is more of a problem for the inexperienced buyer who might not have the ability to realize they are getting a fake bag. True, they could return it if they realize, but what if they don't? Nobody is attacking the authentic bags purchased by happy customers who have the ability to tell and who are confident in their purchases. People seem to just be suggesting it may be safer on the whole to buy from NAP or a dept. store or the Chloe boutique, for example.
  13. Okay...but if you use the argument that "once a business sells a fake, or a customer gets a bad handbag or item, then you will never buy from them again" :tdown: you have just written off practically EVERY business (except roz on ebay, LOL) because I have seen pf'rs complaining about EVERY store and business out there! If you name the places that all of us shop; diabro, NAP, NM, BG, Saks, Nordstrom, can find people that have had a bad experience at all of them! I think it has to be on a case by case basis, and you cannot judge a business based on someone else's view if you have had a good experience! Every business makes some mistakes, and it is apparent that Bluefly, as an example has made a serious effort to correct it. I will continue to shop at businesses where I feel they are sincerely trying to sell authentic merchandise and will acknowledge a mistake and correct it. What more can you ask? :rolleyes:
  14. I haven't written off practically every business- I just choose to shop at places that I can trust. Mistakes are one thing, selling fake bags to unsuspecting customers is a whole different story in my book. PFr's may have complained about alot of the businesses out there for different reasons, but it seems there are more than a dozen complaints on the PF where people have received fake bags. To me, its just not worth the worry especially since I'm new to Chloe. But to each their own.

  15. Yes, that was my point as well. To each his own.:smile: