Chloe Paddy and Betty 40% off!

  1. I just called Mi Place in California and they are having 40% off their Bettys and Paddys! I know the sales are hot right now - but if you are looking for a specific color - you may luck out.
    Mi Place 949-219-0010 (Newport Beach store):biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Where is Mi Place? Did they say what Paddy bags they had in stock?
  3. I just bought the pocket Paddy in taupe. I guess they do not have the regular Paddy anymore - but they may at the other location, I would call. The SA was a bit unsure of the styles. However - they did have 1 Edith!
  4. Ooops - both stores are in California. They have a website if you want to check them out (but you cannot shop online).
  5. I don't know anything about this store, but I did call. The first telephone number didn't work so I looked it up
    telephone number is 949-219-9919.

    The SA told me all sales final on sale merchandise
    Pocket Paddingtons reg $1620 with 40%off colors were taupe and bronze (sorry I don't know much about chloe either)

    Betty $1550 with 40% off and in pearlized gray, honey and cinnamon colors

    Iris Chloe- didn't ask about price
  6. They also said they had a gold metallic Chloe.

    Most Boutiques are going to be final sale on sale items.

    I talked with a Dorothy. She was very nice.
  7. Do they sell authentic chloe?
  8. Any baby paddys??
  9. I have been out of town - scouting hotels in Chicago for the Midwest Meeting! Mi Place is an authorized dealer. They are nice and friendly. I bought a taupe paddy that had the mumps. They exchanged it with no hassle. They also carry Loree Rodkin jewlery - which is also hard to find.:smile:
  10. What is the website url for "my place" cannot find it only directions.
  11. aww that's too bad they don't have any other paddingtons on sale!
  12. I do not think their website is up and running yet.
  13. ^Selling is NOT PERMITTED ON THE PF..this is the second time I have had to remind you.
  14. uh oh ... :banned:
  15. hmm, none of my business...but I read the thread and couldnt find where anyone was trying to sell on the forum! :shrugs: