Chloe Paddington's on Sale at Nordstrom's SF

  1. Hi all!

    Stopped by the Nordstrom in SF today and saw 3 cute Chloe bags on sale. I'll do my best to describe the style and recall the price, but I'm a Chloe newbie so bear with me. They were all Paddies though (by paddies, I mean that they all had the padlock)

    1 black paddie satchel bag for 1079. It was a small, squat bag with a false bottom. Gold hardware.

    1 green paddie tote for 1079. It looked like the Paddington shopper, but did not have a false bottom. The hardware was silver.

    1 black paddy shoulder bag/tote for 949. Gold hardware.

    If you guys have further questions about which bags they were, maybe you can post pictures and I can ID them?

    Hope that helped.
  2. I saw those on Sunday - I loved the green one but I've already spent too much this sale season!