Chloe Paddingtons In Stock

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  1. If you have a Neiman's in your state, then order from BG, no tax and you can use your Neiman's card. I'm sure you all know that though.
  2. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous!! One day, I will have one. For now, I will simply lust after them silently. I love this site! So many fabulous bags I never even knew about.
  3. The Tan looks just like the whiskey to me. Am I blind?
  4. Bergdorf is owned by NM. So if you have a NM in your state, you still have to pay tax. AND if you're unfortunately in Washington, although NM does NOT have a store there, you still have to pay tax. Apparently they once had a store or applied for a tax license, so they still collect it.
  5. I love this bag!
  6. wow, that paddington would be nice! :smile: