Chloe Paddingtons at Shoe Pavilion

  1. Believe it or not, I saw some Chloe Paddingtons at the Shoe Pavilion in Santa Monica, CA. Marked $999 from $1910. Available in Tan, Whiskey, and Black.

    I'm not a Chloe expert but Shoe Pavilion is a chain in SoCal so I doubt they would sell fakes... but then again, who knows?

    They also had leather Prada bags for $499. Fendi wallets, Gucci sunglasses too.

    This particular shoe pavilion has always carried high end bags but I never really looked at them before. A couple years ago they use to have Marc Jacobs too.
  2. That is horrifying. I am not sure why, but that makes me feel squeamish...
  3. sort of like Costco/Sam's Club squeamish you mean? LOL

    I dunno, seems to be a reputable business. I just looked at their website and they have 97 stores across the southwest US. A lot at stake to sell fakes..
  4. Yes, exactly!:rolleyes:
  5. Please everyone be very careful with Shoe Pavillion. I almost bought a Marc Jacobs Stella bag there last summer, but it didn't seem right that the price was about $200 lower than everywhere else. So I did my homework and checked the bag out really thoroughly. I had a notepad with a list of things to look for and was really examining the bag - I think the employees thought I was the counterfeit bag police!!! :lol: But guess what ... It was a FAKE!! The zipper - which is the easiest way to authenticate a Marc Jacobs - was not the correct brand. In fact, it wasn't any brand at all - just generic, which MJ never uses!

    I too was really surprised that Shoe Pavillion would sell fakes since they have so many stores and otherwise seem like a legit retailer. I've since come to believe that all the designer bags there are fake and am surprised they haven't been busted for it. I can't speak to these particular Chloes, but I would stick to the old adage - if it's too good to be true, it probably is!
  6. My Shoe Pavillion is FULL of fakes.:censor:
    Besides it being impossible to find shoes in it sells counterfeits, so I've been once and will never go back:yucky:
  7. you guys are great..thank goodness for this website...maggie
  8. It makes me so angry every time I walk by there and they have a window full of fakes that they are selling for close to regular retail prices!! :rant: :censor: :throwup:
    It's literally criminal!! Does anyone on the board know who you contact to report these people???
  9. Exactly, the nerve of them!!! It's not like they're selling them for $99.99 apiece!
  10. That is absolutely awful. Wasn't there mention of a website through the gov to report this? This is ridiculous! Where are we find a deal? No place is safe.