Chloe Paddingtons at DSW

  1. They weren't really a "steal", but I was still shocked to see the Chloe Paddington for sale at DSW yesterday. They had about six, in different sizes and colors, sitting on a table by the entrance. It seemed so odd!
  2. Where are you - what state, city? I haven;'t seen any at the DSW in Arlington, VA or Bethesda, MD:confused1:
  3. I saw a bunch in NYC at DSW Union Square on Friday night. There were a few Derek Lam and YSL bags there too. I agree with Lisabrelle the markdowns were def not a "steal".
  4. Yes, that's the location where I saw them. I also saw Dolce & Gabbana bags. While I love DSW, the bags seemed out of place.
  5. I saw them in Union Square too. At first glance I thought they were knockoffs since they were sitting at the entrance! Definitely out of place. What happened to Chloe?!
  6. yea, when I went there I was pretty shocked too. When I first found them, I also found Burberry, Celine, and Salvatore Ferragamo bags too. Though their prices were not great at all compared to the deals we find here at deals and steals, I couldn't help myself but feel them around :graucho:
  7. I saw a gorgeous brown YSL muse at dsw yesterday for $999.99, a bottega venetta turquiose hobo for $999.99ish (the one one of the olsen sisters was carrying) and a balenciaga bowling bag $799.99..inlcuding some chloes, luellas etc..lots of jimmy choos 60% off, missoni, MJ,etc. who would have thought?
  8. ^^ Could everyone please say which DSW they saw their items at?! Thanks!!!
  9. Maybe no one will pick them up at those prices and they will one day hit the clearance racks... Hey, a girl can dream :shame:
  10. unfortunantly, DSW dosent do phone orders and does not do in-store transfers :sad:
  11. grrr why does it have to be a location in the city...after I was only there yesterday....sigh :s
  12. I saw them outside of Seattle--Chloe, Gucci, BE&D, Balenciaga, YSL
  13. i've seen them too, did you think they were definitely authentic?
  14. Weird. Maybe DSW is looking to expand their business?
  15. what the. i was there on friday! for 2 hours! (i had a hard time walking away from a pair of beautiful pumps...) i'm sad to hear that the muse was there. it makes me not want it as much. hahah