Chloe Paddington

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  1. can someone please post pics of all the colors that the paddy comes in? and the spy as well ..... my friends lives overseas and she wants me to email them to her .... i need real pics for the real colors plzzzzzzz
    thank you :smile:
  2. The chocolate is a really good colour for the spy actually. I've never seen one in person, but my local (read:only) purveyor of designer goods had the spy hobo in chocolate (up on a high shelf where peons like me couldn't touch it, lol!), and it looked fantastic!
  3. Wish I had more spy's:sad2: .

    Thanks everybody, I got it 3 weeks ago. Works well with my winter boots(Kors). It's snowing here in Mtl. Boo ,hoo.:sad2:
  4. The SS 2006 fendi spy bags are going to be available in some swell colors... some of which are really new and exciting.... Fendi have stopped producing the larger version of the spy bag and are now only producing the 'medium' version as from SS 2006. There is a fantastic denim one available plus a multi colored one which is really something! The new colors in the spy bags and also the paddingtons are so cool..... especially the 'fashion' line in the paddingtons.. absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!
  5. SS, as in Sophisticated Spirit?
  6. I think she means Spring/Summer. It really should be S/S.
  7. Oh, OK. That makes sense! thanks :biggrin:
  8. S/S = spring summer..