Chloe Paddington

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  1. Try Aloha Rag in Hawaii and send them an email asking them if they have what you want in stock.
  2. Oooohhh... that darker red paddy is so gorgeous. Congrats!!!

  3. hehe no, not yet. My paddy is on the way though, its already in the country, just needs to get here!!!!!! My SA said that it should come in soon. I hope it does:love: I'll post pics and let you guys know when I get it.
  4. I can't wait to see it! :P
  5. Hi girls,

    I was wondering if you can tell me if the Paddington Mischa is carrying in the pic is medium or large and is the color tan or whiskey? It looks kind large and I'm only 5ft so I'm trying to decide on which size would suit me best. Thanks.
  6. I think it is a large Paddington and the colour Wiskey, but I’m not sure about the colour:idea:
  7. does paddington bag comes in white color???
  8. yeah it does! I think it's more like a cream-white though... so freakin' pretty. I haven't seen anyone carry it around, well, except for celebs. :lol: It must be pretty rare.
  9. celebs always have those IT bags all. envious.
  10. hey there ..........
    I am getting a chocolate paddy as well ... i hope :smile:
    I just have one question ...
    i am getting both a medium paddy and a fendi spy .... what colors look best on these bags? I want each to be in a different color .. i like the chocolate paddy ... but what about the spy? what color should i get it in? i didnt really like the black though :sad:
  11. I like the brown spy as well, but you don't need 2 brown bags that are similar in size. I don't care for the black spy's either. What about one of the colored ones. Good luck!
  12. This is my chocolate spy, I love this color for a spy. I love the paddington in dark red and silver.:P

    Attached Files:

  13. Oh fantastic spy & paddy star! Seems like you got your cam to work after all. :amuse:
  14. nice bags!!
    im sold on the chocolate spy .......... :smile:
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
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