Chloe Paddington

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  1. I know some people here can help me out with this! Is this bag on the way out, the trend I mean? I just ordered one from NM and it should be here next month:love: My SA snagged me the last pre-order slot for the black. The brown and the orangey beige were already full. I don't really care for either of those colors anyway. If anyone has the black one, is it nice? And is it still eye catching and cute? They didn't have a picture for me of the exact black it was. I'm pretty sure I love it but its nice to hear what others think. I know Megs can respond to this thread!!!;)
  2. Oh and this is the version of the paddington I ordered:


    The satchel. btw, is this bag relatively large? I don't like small bags.
  3. Noriko, I have to say that you make my head spin :wacko: I finally found someone that is more crazy than me:weird: , I mean buying more bags he he:P Every time my husband complains about my bags I will reefer to you doll:idea:
    I have the Paddington, but in dark brown and I love:love: my bag, what more can I say:toung:
  4. Having never seen a Paddington up close, I have a question. Do you actually have to unlock the padlock every time you need to get into your bag??? Or is it just decorative?
  5. I don't know if it's on it's way out...I think it's a classic shape that much like the Birkin will stick around a while. And if you like it, rock it! Who cares if it's in! If it makes you feel like a diva, who cares. I'm digging a pair of brown/bronze cowboy boots from BCBG...they sound tacky to some, :embarasse but the older I get, the less I care about what others think, and the more I try to please my self :idea:
  6. You are correct in both assumptions. You can lock the bag with the Paddington lock, but you can also carry it on the bag as a decoration:embarasse without having to open it every time you want to get in to the bag:idea:
  7. Sorry it took a while!!! I LOVE my Paddy. The bag has the most beautiful slouch shape to it and I get compliments ALL the time. The black color is gorgeous- actually all of them are. I have the rouge- and it is to die for!

    I don't think you need to worry about if it is in or not- I actually think it is still really hard to get your hands on still, so the demand is there. But again, if it is something you want and like, you will be happy with the purchase! It is surely one of the best purchases I have ever made!
  8. I have two Paddingtons -- the original in a limited edition silver and a hobo in blue. LOVE THEM! I saw someone carrying a black and thought the color was gorgeous. The washed leather is just beautiful and takes the dye so richly. You will not be sorry. Its an interesting bag and will be interesting for years to come. Who cares what is in and out? In a few years time, you'll be the the only one carrying a Paddington (because you take care of your bags, right?) and everyone will be fascinated.

    Buy it!
  9. Thanks everyone! Now I am confident that I will love my black paddy when it comes in :biggrin: My friend saw the red one on my NM It bags poster and was like get that one, but I called my SA and she couldn't find one for me. You're so lucky to have gotten one Megs! The black will probably be better for me though, for some reason I have a ton of red bags.

    Issmom, I do take excellent care of my bags, that is a great point!

    btw, how large is it? Does anyone have the correct dimensions or maybe just another bag relative to how large it, its around as big as a spy (I know thats probably incorrect lol).
  10. 14"x7"x8" - medium one......
  11. The only thing that I think wasn't well thought-out on the Paddington are the outside pockets. Each side has a pocket that runs the lenght of the bag and goes as deep as the bag. Its not wide but its big. Anything I stick in there falls to the bottom. Basically, I don't bother with the outside pockets and use the inside ones.
  12. Just be sure that the buckles are not loose when buying the bag. Besided this problem, i luv the bag and ppl around keeps singing praises on this 'it' bag. i got the brown one with an additional leather strap. I paid Euro 1095 instead of Euro 995 ( before detax). Hv fun with your new bag, again!!!!!
  13. At the risk of sounding stupid...what is an SA?

    And you will love the Paddy. I have the red, I adore it! The only drawback is that it is a bit heavy. But it builds the arm muscles I guess, LOL.
  14. It stands for sales assistant :smile:
  15. So where does one even find a Paddington? (Sorry, but I keep thinking of the bears by the same name when I type that!) :wacko: