chloe paddington

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  1. Hi

    can someone please give me a quick lesson on how to tell if a chloe bag is authentic .... i have trouble telling on ebay...

    also do they come in two sizes, and what is the diffence between the sizes --- is it dramatic~~ like for example the LV theda pm and GM:shame:
  2. Before I bought mine from NAP, I had been looking at eBay. Here are some things I've noticed about fakes:

    The leather isn't pebbled enough, and it's not as slouchy as the real thing. It looks pretty stiff, and shiny. On some fakes, the lock and brass hardware on the bag is too shiny, it should be more of a matte brass. Also, some locks are too small for the bag, another sign of a fake. Some fakes have "Chloe Made in Italy" embossed on the strip of leather going around the lock, when it should just say "Chloe" very small.

    Of course, there are other signs to stay away from in an auction - private feedback, having tons of other paddingtons listed going for low prices, starting the auction at a low price with no reserve, and listing paddingtons in colors that Chloe never made. I've seen green, teal, magenta and some other hideous-color paddingtons on eBay before :sick:

    The medium (standard size) paddington measures 14" or 15" long (I forget which one), and the baby paddington measures 11" long.

    Hope this helps :biggrin:

  3. Excellent thanks --- thats helps alot, of course when am ready to purchase I will stick the link up for opinions.

    Thankyou :P
  4. The "quick and dirty" test is whether the bag is selling for under $1,500. There are a lot of copies coming out from overseas makers, but the quality (mainly of the leather) is just not the same. The only REAL way to tell is to buy from a company who is authorized to carry the bags, like Bergdorf Goodman or Net-A-Porter.
  5. not to yell at you or anything, because other people do this too, but that's not at all helpful. IF SHE WAS GOING TO DO THAT, SHE WOULD HAVE DONE IT, SHE'S NOT AN IDIOT.

    sorry, that just makes me mad.

    the best advice i have is to look at the color of the edges of the leather. a grenat or rouge should have blueish edges, an ivory should have tan edges, etc. also the color of the stitching. a blue nuit should have slightly lighter blue stitching, etc. find some good pics of the real thing (from a personalshoppers auction or something like that - stock photos are rarely helpful) and compare, compare, compare. if there's one single thing that doesn't match, it's fake.

  6. Thanks Amanda , i like your answer better:shame: LOL --- very helpful :biggrin:
  7. Hey, I don't think she was being rude or anything, she was telling you that the ONLY way to be sure it is not a fake is to buy it from a reputable store! To add to that even you can not tell if a bag is real just because they are selling for over $1500.

    A month or so back right here on this forum a seller came highely recommended by a very regular blogger and had wonderful reviews, she was selling designer bags only $200 under retail and sold to several members here and guess what! After people started to get their bags that they had paid like $2000 for, found out that they were very good quality fakes, of course the sellers webpage, phone email, etc all seemed to just dissapear!
  8. it's not that the statement wasn't true, it's just that it was completely condescending and and totally tangential to the question that was actually asked. of course you buy real bags in authorized boutiques. she didn't ask where to find real bags, she knows where to do that. she asked for tips for finding real bags in a place that wasn't an authorized boutique, so one can assume that that's where she actually was intent on finding one.

    to some people, myself included, it's important to be able to save a little money here and there, and ebay can be a way to do that as long as you educate yourself on what you're looking at. i know some people look down on that and feel the need to remind us that we're going outside the norm, but it's really completely unhelpful and patronizing. particularly for someone like kimmy that has posted a great collection and obviously knows the ins and outs of the system.

  9. I say buy from LVR. My chocolate paddy is wonderful and it was easy to buy and my total cost including duty and shipping was $1260. That's a nice little savings especially if you live in a place that charges tax. My friend bought one from ebay for $200. It is a fake of course and I did tell her this but she is very happy. It is very soft leather and very sloughy and pebbly leather and very well made. Hers is black and it looks just like mine to the untrained eye. Her straps are not as long as mine though and it is difficult for her to carry hers on her shoulder wereas my real one is very comfortable on the shoulder. Unless it is used, a real ebay one will be no less than $1300. But just check out LVR for a savings.
  10. I wasn't trying to be rude or condescending. I have been watching the Paddingtons for months now, and I have seen photos taken from legitimate auctions and posted to bags that could not possibly be genuine (i.e., bags going for $200). Even photos where the sender appears to have taken them cannot really be guaranteed. If you want to be sure, an authorized dealer is the only way to go. I am sorry if this seems rude, but not all eBay sellers are ethical. I have had a lot of problems on eBay lately, and I don't want someone else to have to go through the hassle of dealing with an unethical seller, trying to get money refunded, and so on.
  11. I saw my whiskey today in BH shop for $1400. Loren's price sounds good from LVR!
  12. What is LVR? Has anyone seen any of the Paddington Vanity bags lately?
  13. Hi i am new (this is my first posting) what is LVR i live in the U.K. and can anybody tell me were i can get on a waiting list or buy the new CHLOE MEDIUM SIZE EDITH TOTE bag in WHISKEY i really want one now as i have the funds now but if i leave it i know i will spend the money on something else.
  14. the reason that your post sounds condescending is because almost everyone here already realizes this. we know that ebay is dangerous and risky and not at all guaranteed and we know that our efforts to save a little cash could hurt us in the end, but it doesn't change anything. i don't think anyone would choose ebay over a boutique if they had the choice to make, but sometimes we don't.