Chloe Paddington

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  1. I just bought the Paddington bag at Galaries Lafayette, Paris on 16 Oct, Sun. Hv been using for the past 3 days and the buckle that is holding the leather handle came off. I could fix it but it seems loose. Does anyone out here hv this problem?? What shld I do??
  2. Actually I have heard of quite a few problems with the padlocks on the bag. I would say you have to take it back to the store! Can you take a picture of it and show it to us??
  3. Is not the padlock but the the buckle holding the leather shoulder strap, not one but two buckles. I hv already e-mailed Chloe headquarters, so awaiting reply from them.
  4. damn that sucks, I hope they fix it for you!
  5. Can you take it back to the store? I love my Paddy, but I have also heard about negative sides of it- padlock causing issues, and your situation. I sure would hope they could fix that for you, especially after all that money going into that bag!!
  6. That's just too doggone much to pay for a bag to break!!!!!
  7. I'd take it back. Trust me, they'll exchange it. Anyone who buys a Paddington bag is a good customer to them.
  8. I’m very sorry :sad: to hear about your problems with your Chloè Paddington (do you mean the hobo) in my opinion it is unacceptable:evil: . Self I have a Paddington and I am very pleased with mine:love: , but I would go crazy if it broke like yours:mad: .

    I really hope everything works out to the best for you.
  9. Yeah I agree...I think you should return it if you haven't already...
  10. I rec'd an e-mail from the Chloe team to ask me to check with the nearest Chloe store for their return policy. The problem is i live in Singapore and there is no Chloe store here and the nearest Chloe store would be in HK. So, I wrote to them again and still waiting for a reply. I m really pissed off!!!!
  11. damn, I'm sure they'll find a way to help though, upscale boutiques are really good when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  12. Am pissed for u ...I hope u get some results soon