Chloe paddington

  1. Hi everyone!

    One question about the chloe paddington.

    Is it right that 2005 the padlock was gold and 2006 it is bronze?

    I have seen an very nice chloe paddington model in white with gold padlock. But someone has told me it is old,the new one is with a bronze padlock.But this one I didnt like so much,cause it as at the side some lining in a different colour like brown.It is not only white.

    So I dont know if I buy a very old model when I choose the white with gold padlock.And is it possible still to buy this model?

    Thank u so much for help.

    Lots of greetings
  2. :confused1: As far as I am aware, this season (SS07) is the first time Chloe have released a pure White Paddington?

    In 2005 there was a Vanilla for the first ever Paddy season releases and then later on Craie but both are off- white/cream and both had the bronze hardware?

    Can you give more details or pics of the bag you are taking about?

    Please someone correct me if I am wrong :shrugs:
  3. Thank u for your reply.

    Its my first chloe bag and I dont now much about it,thats why I am asking.

    The seller told me,the padlock was in 2005 gold and in 2006 it is like bronze. But that one I didnt like.

    I very like the one from 2005,but I dont know if it is really the colour that u can buy in 2005. and I dont know if that colour really was to buy in 2005.

    I dont have pics.But have a look here:

    Please have a look here:

    1. Chloe white with gold from 2005

    2. Chloe white with bronze from 2006
  4. Those bags are both really bad fakes. You're not going to get a Chloe paddington for $78.

    Hardware for 05 and 06 was the same colour, brass.

    I suggest you do some reading in the reference and authentication threads to familiarise yourself with authentic Chloe paddingtons. And expect prices of $1000 and upwards.
  5. OMG! I agree. Looks SO FAKE!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: Buy from only a reputable seller!
  6. Thank u all for helping.

    But were can I get this model to see first.

    The white one ? not the one with orange edge to see at the second pic.

    Can someone send me pic from the orig.Chloe paddington white bag?

    So the first one with the gold padlock is a bad fake!? Cause they dont have gold padlocks, right?
  7. They are both fakes, everything on that site is a fake. Have a look around this chloe forum for some pics of authentic white-ish paddys :smile:

  8. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: :sick:
  9. Might be this one:

    The one she is carrying looks VERY white, which has only come out in 07. Could be the photography/lighting though, if the picture is earlier, then it will be one of the various blanc/cream range from earlier.

    There are many more experienced people than me here, so hang on for their opinions. (And they are all fabulous ladies!)
  10. All 'kin 'orrible :yucky:

    They even have the 'authentic pink' on there :wtf:
  11. Did they have 'authentic ´s on there ??? Which one do you mean?
  12. Thank u for reply.

    And the new one from 07 in white...someone say she is very stark and stiff. is it right? is this new bag not so very soft like the models form 05 and 06 ?
  13. I was being sarcastic franky. We have seen many eBay auctions with 'Authentic Pink Paddy'. Chloe never made a pink paddy! :wtf:
  14. I have heard that too. But some people here have bought 07s in other colours and the leather has been good - soft and slouchy. That white on NAP (the one I gave you a link to) does look stiff though, don't you think?