Chloe Paddington zippy, whisky or chocolate? hard decision ever..

That is a tough decision, I think both colors are lovely, lovely, lovely. I think you need to look at your wardrobe and think about which works better. The whiskey is very warm, and I think it goes really well with the types of colors I wear. Chocolate brown is so neutral, though, that it almost goes with everything.
SoCal said:
I looked at both and purchased the is now my favorite bag!

Awww.Socal, you have a wonderful Chloe collection as I can see.:nuts:

I like both colors. The thing is I have had a silverado tote in Tan color, that is darker than original paddy tan,but not that orangy like whiskey. I need to make the decision tonight before I go to Nordies to pick one of them up tomorrow morning.

I like zippy more than original paddy,weird me.;)
Chloe_concord said:
I like zippy more than original paddy,weird me.;)

Me too! I tried the original, the hobo, and the box... I am absolutely infatuated with my zippy. It has two compartments (top and bottom). I initially thought I would not really use the bottom, but it is actually quite easy to get in and out of when you are wearing the bag. (Like it so much I am now "inspecting" one in noir...) :shame:
Well, I guess I will be the lone voice for choco. I think whiskey works great in the satchel but for the bigger bag, I would either go with chocolate or the ivory. I would love to see the zippy in whiskey, but a part of me thinks that it might be a bit overwhelming in color compared to the understated beauty of the chocolate or ivory.
Thanks gals for all the answers. Guess what I have done during my lunch break?:love:
I took both chocolate and whiskey home. Ugh...I can't make the decision on site so I am going to take these babies both home to compare and blend in my waredrobe to see which one ot keep. But I felt the zippy paddy is soo me which I have never felt from original paddy.:idea::amuse::nuts::weird: