Chloe Paddington with silver hardware

  1. Hi All

    I just had to tell you I have just been on my lunch from work and I went into Harvey Nichols in Leeds and I have just seen the most lush Chloe Paddington ever!!

    It is the baby blue one with the shiny silver hardware - I have never seen one like it before and I am so on love:love:

    Have any of you got this one - does it go well with your wardrobe??
  2. Yes, I think you are referring to the Mousse Paddy?!? IT is Gorgeous! I am currently obsessing over the same bag!
  3. If its the mousse, I have one. it goes well with everything
  4. I have it too. love the color and hardware together!
  5. I just found out that there will be a grey with silver hardware for fall. But the mousse is divine...get it!
  6. I love Mousse! It really does go with everything. When I bought it, I didn't think it would be that versatile, but it's by far my most favorite color.... atleast this week....
  7. PICK IT UP!! Don't walk away from the beauty of MOUSSE!
  8. I am going to have another look today - don't know if I can walk away from it again!! Will let you all know - thanks for your replies:biggrin:
  9. ^^ There was a mousse?! Dangit - I was in there on Monday and the didn't have it in that colour. :sad: If you get, post pictures so I can live vicariously?

    PS Do you live in Leeds, or just work here?
  10. Hi Nic,

    I live in York and work in Leeds - did you notice when you went how they have changed the Store around - the Chloe section was just to die for!! I am going in again today and I might get it!!

    They have also got some lovely spys in aswell - I will be amazed if I manage to get in out and out without getting anything today!! :P

  11. I know - all the mirrors and exposed wood. Very fancy looking. :biggrin: Did you see the gold/silver Spy? I was amazed they had it on Monday, so I don't know if its still there.
  12. Yes I did - thought I was going to get asked to leave the shop for drooling too much!!

    It was still there today - so nearly brought the paddy but the hardware was a bit scratched and they didn't have another one - no doubt I will be in there tomorrow

    Do you live in leeds then??:idea:
  13. Hey girls!
    Loganz has her Mousse paddy for sale in the marketplace. It is soooo pretty!
  14. Maybe they will give you a bit of a discount if the hardware is scratched? I know the silver hardware is supposed to be mottled or "spotty" so that's normal. Now that the choco shopper is going back, I may be in the market for a mousse...if I can bring myself to buy another Chloe!
  15. Yup - life-long prisoner - I mean resident! :unsure: