Chloe Paddington White, Ivory or Red?

  1. So I am thinking about buying my first Chloe, I own Chanel, Gucci and LV right now and think I need something different.

    I really want a bag in a lighter color that I can use during the summer, with my pastels, white and other summery colors.

    I was originally wanting the White, but Ivory looks nice too. The Red is on sale at NetAPorter....decisions. What do you guys think?

    Does the white stay white? Is it hard to keep clean? Will the Ivory look ok if I wear it with my all white summer dresses? How does the Red Paddington look in real life?

    Thanks for all your opinions!
  2. I don't find my light colored bags any hard to keep clean than the others.

    There is another thread floating around here on the differences between all the various Chloe "whites".

  3. the red is actually sold out on NAP
  4. go for dark red!!
  5. I'm agreeing with hmwe! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: and I have craie (cream 05) paddington I'm carrying daily (also in bad weathers!) and there hasn't been any colour transfer or darkening at all, it's as perfect as new :nuts: Light coloured paddingtons are gorgeous on the summer time, so my vote goes for some ivory tone :girlsigh:

    I've heard dark coloured new jeans can be dangerous to light coloured bags, I bet that's the biggest danger...? But that's easy problem to solve, just carry the bag on your shoulder if you're wearing new jeans :idea:
  6. Both the red or the white would be beatiful. I have the rouge and it's a very pretty color. I also have a blanc pocket paddy which I treated with LMB's pretreatment which is supposed to protect it from marks and enable you wipe of any dirt. I have only used it a few times and so far so good!
  7. I am so torn between going for the "white" summer color, because it always looks so fresh, but then worry the "white" craze will go out of style. But I always think it looks so clean. But the Red/Rouge is such a fantastic eye popping color, but wonder, if I should stick to a staple color for my first Chloe?
  8. How long does the NEW last? Does one wash do it by any chance?
  9. My first Chloe' was chocolate. I like those classics for first, myself. I also think second hand on an older bag is best, because you're more likely to truly know the softest leather, then fall more in love.

    I also LOVE Mousse!

    Between rouge and white/cream, I'd say rouge, though, I THINK. :s Not sure.
  10. I know the tans and browns look great i already own 2 monogram LVs and a dark broiwn Chanel, so I am hoping to get "new" color to add....I wish I could buy them all! How do you think it looks if you wear an ivory/cream bag with all white?
  11. I like the all 07 white paddy.. .i seen it at Bloomies and it looked sooo yummy!!!
  12. I see from your pictures you already have the cream, if you had to pick one or the other would you rather have the cream or white? I am so torn :sad: I wish I could have one in every color!
  13. I love the white! Haven't seen it in real life but I bet it looks gorgeous, especially in the summer.
  14. hi everybody! ;)

    i have one in craie and it's definitely one that i keep on using out of all of my bags. there is no colour transfer whatsoever and i really love how the leather gets that distressed look after awhile.

    the only worrying thing is when it starts raining because it would look like the rain "stained" the bag, but it'll dry off in awhile (i was worried sick when it happened and was about to cry :wlae: silly me)

    so i say go for craie or the variation of the whites, it's definitely a hot colour for summer and you could still carry it season after season.. plus it'll go with everything!
  15. Ivory or White (Blanc?) all the way as for me *since I'm wanting one myself LOL :graucho: