Chloe Paddington Whisky Styles - got it!!! pics attached

  1. okies.. so I got a paddington "loaf" in whisky hehe.. what do you all think?? did i make a good choice ladies??? can u tell me if you have seen it in the stores yet, in ur country yet? thanks!! :love:
  2. What a beauty! Is this really the whiskey? It seems a little dark to be a whiskey. Congrats on the bag!
  3. thank you... yeh it sure is whisky.. i didnt have the flash on my camera i think... so that is why it looks darker than it really is...
  4. so cute..... nice color,, and is that a mini size?
  5. Hey it looks really cute:smile: What size is it? Is it bigger than the standard Paddy? Great colour choice;) I haven't seen it in boutiques here in Australia. But then again, we don't see a lot in boutiques here - stocks move really quickly!
  6. :amuse: why thank you!!!!! yes its the mini.. im not that tall so i thought the mini suited me better than the large.. the large is really nice too.. i am having second thoughts on the size.. but its probably not available anymore anyway hehe.. oh well!
  7. CONGRATS!!!!
    That's a beauty and so cute! Have fun with it :amuse:
  8. :nuts: :love: I LOVE IT!!! That's as close to the Paddy Train Case as I have seen! What are the dimensions? Great choice!
  9. Beautiful! Love that style. It's really great!!!
  10. I really like the look of this bag; is it easy to get in and out of?
  11. thanx.. its about 12 inches (top of handle to bottom) x 11 inches across.... i dont find it hard to open and close.. i just open and close the side that the paddlock isn't on..