Chloe Paddington - Where to buy?

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  1. I was wondering where on Earth I can get a Chloe Paddington? (literally) :P

    I am in Australia and they retial here for approx AUD2200 which is about USD1600. The problem with getting it here is that they are sold out everywhere... I am on a waitlist at the moment and they don't know what colours they will be getting... and they are certain there isn't enough stock to satisfy the demand!

    I will be going to NY in early December, will purchasing it in NY be easier? Do you think the bag will be available to buy off the shelf (so to speak) or will there also be a waitlist? (I'll only be in NY for a week) and do you guys know what colour will be available? Will it be cheaper? (If I purchase in Australia before I go on holidays I will get sales tax taken off 10% - of the above price)

    If anyone has any idea.. you help is much appreciated! :P
  2. In NY, you can check at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and a place in Soho called Kirna Zabete. They are all usually sold out tho' I saw one (in black) on the shelf at Saks this week. I don't think there can be any assurances whatsoever about colors. If you are truly serious, I'd put a call into the three stores and see if they can get you on a list that might move by the time you get here. You can always give them a credit card over the phone (if they have something) and they will hold it for you. It will run you about $1300 here.

    I guess you can always check the Chloe store (of course!) but it seems they sell out first.
  3. I am on the waitlist at Neiman Marcus right now. They are supposed to be getting a shipment in this month, I think that might go for some of the other NMs also because my SA told me that the NMs on the continent were getting theirs first. I can't wait to get one also. I wanted the red, but since its such a limited supply, only the black, brown, and orangy beige were available. Good luck!
  4. i saw one in a small boutique in vienna today, but i guess that's pretty far away from you :smile:
  5. I called practically every boutique- Chloe buotique- and had to make a 6 hour 1 way drive to get it! Just atart calling around I guess!!
  6. Hi everyone! I've been following the forum for a couple of weeks now but this is my first post. It's great to find people that share the same enthusiasm for this subject matter as I do so I'm lookin forward to talking with u all :smile:

    Regarding the Chloe Paddington bag - I live in NY and I was thinking of buying one, so I called the boutique and asked if they happened to have any display models that I could look at in person (I had already assumed that there was a waitlist). To my surprise, they happened to have a few of the chocolate brown to sell in stock in the store and no waitlist. I walked into the store and bought one later that day! (I bought the one with the removable shoulder strap, but the store had the original model without the strap in chocolate brown as well)

    The sales associate said that I lucked out because they got a small unexpected shipment just a few days before I came in, but he did say that they get them in every few weeks. If you want a specific color, I'm not sure how often the boutique gets a each color, so it may be best to get on the waitlist or search elsewhere for the color you want. (I'm not experienced with how waitlists work). All in all though, it didn't seem difficult to buy a Paddington bag in here in NY; I didn't have to deal with any waitlists, and I ended up with the bag in the color I wanted.

    I would definitely keep looking in your area (sounds like you might save a good amount of money through the sales tax by buying from there also?), but at the same time just get in touch with the NY store as they do have them in stock from time to time and it's not as difficult as it seemed to get the bag right off the shelf. I would also check the Intermix chain of stores here - I heard they sell the bags every now and then too.

    I hope this helps! Good luck in your search!
  7. Thanks for helping out, you've all be very helpful! :P

    Missdz, which store in NY did you go into? Perhaps I can ring them and put myself on the waitlist so that there'll definately be one when I get there. If you don't mind, can you tell me how much your one was? - a few hundred $$ matter to me hehe, cos I can save it for another bag :toung:

    I've emailed Chloe and they've told me that the new winter colour is going to be blue-
    I don't know if it is a bad picture, but I don't seem to like that colour much :unsure:

    I am tied between the gawjus red and the classic tan... what do you girls think I should get? :love:
  8. MochaSwirl - The Chloe boutique is located on 850 Madison Ave in the upper east side of Manhattan. Their phone number is 212-717-8220. The Paddington with shoulder strap was 1600+, the one without I believe is about 1300. NY tax is an additional 8.6%. I called them for you this morning to check if they had the Paddington in store, and unfortunately they are now out of stock. The sales associate told me to check back in a week or two as they should get some shipments then (probably before the holidays). She didn't mention a waitlist - however, she said they haven't carried the tan bag since July.

    Since you are looking for a particular color or colors, I would suggest contacting the stores that Issmom suggested in addition to following up with the Chloe store directly to cover all bases. Also, I found the bag sold by this site ( and was contemplating buying it online before I ended up with my bag from the store. I'm not sure how trustworthy the site is, but it may be worth looking into. They offer the bag for about 100 or so less than the retail price.

    Good luck! Let us know if you manage to track one down :smile:
  9. Miss Dz, Thx for being such a sweetie- its so kind of you to ring them up for me :love:

    I've ended up bidding on a red paddy from ebay, a few friends have brought from her and gave me the all clear :lol: Althought it costs more then the retail price, I feel that its worth it since it is something I know i will use and love a lot! :toung:

    I think its good that you haven't brought from the web site, as I am pretty sure their goods arn't authentic :evil:
  10. Regarding Sophisticated Spirit, her bags are legit! I know the owner, Lynda, and she is very honest and reputable. She only buys from reputable sources and gets great prices, so that is why she might be able to sell below retail (she doesn't have the overhead that Neiman's ect would have). She also sells via eBay same handle name. Just a little plug for my friend :smile:.
  11. really? because i'm all over that black paddy if that's the case...
  12. Email her and ask questions. You will find out how honet she is. She had great connections and has been doing this for a while.

    Good luck!

  13. I would love to know if this is a legit site, any news?
  14. Lynda is legit! We have some of the same suppliers who are legit! She is very honest and straight forward and resourceful. Hope this helps. Call or email her is you are nervous.