Chloe Paddington weight and how to carry?

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  1. I really like the looks of this bag, and I'm just curious, how heavy is it really? I've heard its pretty heavy, but I'm wondering if its something that keeps you from using and enjoying the bag.

    Also, can the sachel be carried comfortable over the shoulder, or is it strictly a hand/arm bag?

    Thanks :amuse:
  2. I'll go first, and I know more responses will follow. :biggrin:

    no, not too heavy at all.
    yes, fits very comfortable on the shoulder; in fact, I think it is a superb shoulder bag.
  3. What Loganz said.
  4. Everyone who's tried to carry my bag always comment on how heavy it is. But that's with all my stuff in it. It doesn't really bother me since I'm used to it already but I can definitely tell the difference between the Paddy and the Balenciaga.
  5. Its on the heavy side but compared to my GIANT IF Quilty Pleasures hobo....its about the same total weight. The Paddington just has the weight concentrated in a smaller bag.
  6. I am a big time shoulder bag girl and it is not comfortable for me to wear my paddie on my shoulder. I end up carrying it on my arm or in my hand. I always carry a large bag, so even thought it is heavy (especially the lock) it isn't any heavier than my other large bags. sometimes it bugs me a little that it is so squishy.
  7. yeah, i really don't think it's all that heavy.
  8. This bag is very easy to carry over the shoulder, and though it's not the heaviest bag I own (I actually think my Kooba Sienna in Olive is heavier), it's definitely not the lightest. The padlock is really what gives it weight--I'm sure if you removed the padlock, it would lighten the load, but then again, I think it's the padlock that totally "makes" this bag. :smile:
  9. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be, and I sometimes carry it on my shoulder, but I prefer handheld or on the arm.
  10. i carry it on my shoulder when i have a lot of walking to do. but u get used to the weight. anyway, it's good excercise! get diesel arms!
  11. i don't know how it feels to carry buti plan to find out!;)
  12. I heard that the new paddys have a different leather and the padlock is lighter as well. Does anyone know if there is indeed a difference in weight? Also, is the cream color paddy considered as the 'old' one or the newer lighter one?