Chloe Paddington Wallet

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  1. I contacted NAP to see if they'll be having any Chloe Paddington wallet anytime soon and this is their response:

    ..... I am pleased to confirm that we will be
    carrying the Paddington wallets in light silver and

    If you would like to pre-reserve one of these wallets,
    do let me know and I will be happy to arrange it for
    you and contact you when they are in stock.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    So Fayden and other members with (or soon to have) the anthracite paddy: you can have a matching wallet too now! ;)
  2. i love matching handbags and wallets :smile:
    i wish i had a wallet to go with each and every bag i have!
  3. I remember seeing a photo of a red paddington wallet. It was cute!
  4. oooooooooo anthracite.... i WANNT
  5. Sounds good :biggrin: I want to see the light silver.