Chloe Paddington Wallet On Ebay

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  1. Chloe2.JPG
  2. Well the price on NAP is 316.00 so its not a great reduction. Also, this might have gone on sale in some stores so it might be worth looking around.
    Its not enough of a bargain for me ;)
  3. Are the wallets supposed to go on sale soon?
  4. Well, not sure how it is with you in US, but in the UK the summer sales have been on for a few weeks now, and quite a few Chloe pieces went on sale (not sure if this wallet was one of them) :smile:
  5. Yeah the wallets wont be in the sale, there new for this season i think. i'll keep an eye on this one see how it goes.
  6. Did you guys notice that the ebay id is listed as a private seller? I didnt know this can be done? How do you know then who you're dealing with then? And note, no paypal. Only checks, MOs, wire transfers :huh:
  7. they've got positive feedback. i might go for it, theres 4 days left though.