Chloe Paddington....ummmm

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  1. I am thinking about getting rid of this bag, I would much rather have purchased it in the whiskey or the chocolate. I saw that Cristina had one up, but when I decided to get it she already sold it...ummm, should I just try to sell it or maybe it will grow on me?:suspiciou

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  2. Beautiful! Thats actually one of my favorite colors for the paddington. If you sell it let me know :lol: I think you should keep it though, how long have you had it?
  3. I love this color for a paddy.. why sell? I'd rather have silver hardware though
  4. I really love the white too! Didnt someone else have it in their showcase? It caught my attention I thought it was so beautiful.
  5. It's gorgous. I'd love to have such a beautiful bag!

    :smile: appreciate it! it's looooooovely.:heart:
  6. it's gorgeous but i'd be too worried getting it dirty and i like my bags clean.
  7. It's a gourgeous colour for summer! But if you don't love it, sell it and get another colout that works for you. I suggest carry it around as much as possible for a few days, then you should know if you love it or not. If feeling guilty about not absolutely adoring a $$$ bag, it's probably better to sell it and get another as quickly as possible...
    Good luck!
  8. *uGh* I would SO:huh:o:huh::huh:o trade for this with my whiskey... but i returned it to nordys
  9. I think white and gold hardware go so well together!
  10. I love this color in the paddy. the gold hardware is perfect for the white. you should keep it;)
  11. I just got the pocket Paddington in this color and I think it is FABULOUS! If you don't love it though, return it (or sell it/trade it) for one that you will like better. I love the versatility for summer...I think it would make a great spring/summer bag, and the color is deep enough to pull of in later months, too!
  12. I love the light colors in theory and on others, but prefer the whiskey, chocolate, and black for myself. If...

    "I would much rather have purchased it in the whiskey or the chocolate."

    Then...return or sell the blanc for the color you would most love to have/use. I am positive you will find a fine home for the blanc as it is a gorgeous color.
  13. ^^ I have corrupted SoCal! She is analyzing langauge now!
  14. Yes, I am actually a "multi-modal" both quantitative and qualitative analysis... Loved your earlier language analysis and how you used my data to support your discussion!

    Now, I am trying to practice what I know, the "if you aren't sure" or "if it is not love"..."don't do it" or "return it", etc. But if it is love (try to make sure it is not, in fact, lust)...
  15. ^^^ the two of you are cracking me up:lol: . (All the surfing I've been doing has made me speak American:Push: .)

    I agree...if you don't like it,sell or return it. It's a nice colour,but like SoCal I can appreciate light colours on others,but they are not for me.

    Poppincourt,I think you'll probably find that the white is as heavy as the whiskey,and that was your reason for return,not so?:lol: