Chloe Paddington Tote - Metallic Black 40% off @ NM

  1. That is a REALLY nice bag.
  2. Wow! I've never seen one before.... kinda looks like a cross-body ....
  3. hm..... i think this IS the cross-body:p
  4. I have to admit, thats lovely!
  5. :drool:
  6. No way are they getting away with selling that as a "Paddington Tote" for $1,197.00 when the same exact bag was on sale for months as the "Paddington Cross-Body bag" for $795.00!!!

    What a rip-off!

    The listed dimensions are different, but that looks suspiciously like the same bag to me. I ordered the cheaper one for a friend a couple of weeks ago and it certainly looked much taller than just 7 1/2 inches, so it could be listed wrong. Plus, the retail prices are different (by just $5). Does any one know if Chloe made 2 different cross-body bags?
  7. Its probably the same bag:yes:
  8. It looks like the same bag, but the one/ones for $796 were probably returns. That's why they were so cheap (60% off). Their returns can be flawless and look brand new or sometimes they're missing tags, paperwork, dust bags, etc. It is hit or miss. Might also have been from an older season, etc. These are brand new and part of their sale.
  9. I'm just glad we got it when we did then and it came without anything missing or scratches, etc. I'd be pretty miffed if I got one of the new ones and then found out about the cheaper price.
  10. Nono - they are different bags. The newly listed one is significantly larger. I bought the one for $800 back in January, and it is too small so I am giving it to my cousin and keeping the larger one. :p
  11. Hmmmm. :wondering It's posed differently but it definitely looks like the bag I recently purchased and subsequently returned.