Chloe paddington to buy or not to buy?!

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  1. I own one for now in dark green leather.
    Very pretty bag and people give me complements. It one of those handbags which get noticed!
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  3. Hi!

    Before they discontinued this bag, I would look at Nordstrom and admire it. I wanted one for the longest time and regret not buying it new. I bought one from ebay. Pre-loved. I would have preferred it in Black. Go for it! I love mine and I am restoring it to it's former glory. I do not regret buying vintage. It was a bit stressful because I don't trust ebay or kijiji.
    It really is a classic style handbag. Good that no one takes it out 'cause you'll be super styling that vintage Chloe.
  4. I just saw a lady in business attire in George Washington university in DC carrying a black Paddington. Very classy. I wanted to hug her LOL
  5. Unfortunately they can be a bit heavy due to the thickness of the leather and hardware.
    I’m older now and mind that a bit more than I used too.
  6. Still live my Paddies - i used my mini a few times going out recently. I have a mini, regular, large hobo and 2 pouchettes. Soft thick leather - nothing like it - except the marcies.
    The bleu is flat as a pancake its so soft

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  7. The blue is so pretty. I have the Las Vegas edition with the Swarovski padlock. Love the bag
  8. I have a red one and gave the blue to my daughter.
    While darn heavy you can at least remove the lock...but than it’s a handbag...not a CHLOE Leather Paddington.


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  9. i have the same hobo paddy but in Chocolate - it was my first designer bag. Cant bring myself to sell as its an 05 (HG leather) and still pretty handy if i need to carry a laptop.
  10. I have one and red that I absolutely love. I haven’t used it in a long time though. Maybe I will take it to work tomorrow. There are a couple on pre-loved websites that I am tempted to buy in beige. Now that I see that dark blue above though....
  11. ..I'm in the mood for a Paddington, TBH. The leather looks like it would feel...smooshy-heavy!
  12. If you absolutely love the look of it, I say go for it. I've owned 2 and sold both. The first one was a red mini- it was perfect. Gorgeous leather, silver hardware. But I just couldn't fit much in it. Second was the larger size in black with gold leather. Also a beauty but just too heavy for me! When I take out the lock, though, it just loses its iconic look imho.