Chloe paddington to buy or not to buy?!

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  1. I got mine only 2 years ago as part of the Anniversary reissue collection. So of course I still wear mine!

  2. So much this!
  3. I had a similar thought. I was thinking of selling mine bc it looked out of trend .. But when I took it out do the dusk bag.. I fell in love w it again.. and couldn't part w it. It really is a well-made (but hecka heavy) bag.
  4. Get it, you will not regret it. Love the smooshy thick leather. :tup:
  5. I have one in whisky, it is still to this day my favourite bag, I will never part with it!
  6. It is a beautiful bag. If you feel you would get good use out of it go for it! However, I would say I found it quite a heavy bag when I had mine. It is not the most practical bag if you like to carry lots of stuff around, so this may be something to consider before you buy it. Hope this helps :smile:
  7. You must own your personal preference, Fashion is what you wear
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  8. I bought a paddy recently x
    It was the first designer bag that I fell in love with, and what led me to TPF [emoji7]
    I lucked out and found one in the color I desperately wanted years ago- pink berry.
    It was such a steal -$250 from memory!
    Here is mine!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1441431611.552245.jpg
  9. Also- I have littlies and use this as my nappy bag. I carry their wipes, nappies, pacifiers + what not all in here [emoji38]
    I think the paddy looks best with a worn in look so I don't need to worry about the kids flicking paint on / touching this bag.
    My only disappointment was the hardware doesn't chip on my model bag. I love that look personally! X
  10. That is a gorgoeus colour!! I decided not to buy the one I had been eyeing up, Instead I am waiting to find it in a colour I wouldn't normally buy. I usually go for neutral colours but I thought this bag just suits a pop of colour. Your one completely backs up my theory!

    I haven't found one yet but I'm keeping a close eye in my local vintage shop. I do hope to find one soon :sad: if anyone sees one in the UK for a reasonable price please do let me know!

  11. Wow! May I ask where you got such a good deal?!? :smile:
  12. I love it!
  13. yikes I'm not a big fan of the paddington so I would suggest you wait it out a little longer and see if you truly want one! at least the prices for the paddington wont be increasing any time soon so you can actually take your time with this decision
  14. I have been debating about getting a Paddington for years, too. It was the first ever designer bag which i adored and wanted to have so badly but when I was about to get one recently I also considered that the bag might not be "modern" enough anymore. I am still unsure and debating back and forth.
  15. I bought one for collection and I don't wear it. but each time I take it out from the closet I adore it.
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