Chloe paddington to buy or not to buy?!

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  1. Hello Ladies!

    I was wondering if I could get your opinions, I was having a little browse looking at a vintage Fendi and came across a black Chloe Paddington at a very very good price and nostalgia took hold of me! I know they were very popular back in the day but I don't see it now.

    Does anyone still own it and carry it these days?
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  2. I never owned one. But I would say buy it only if you absolutely love it. Don't worry about trends!
  3. I bought one recently and honestly I don't wear it much, but I love it because of color and it was "like new" condition. price was right too so if i wear it once-twice a year it's fine with me:smile:
    ETA: it's very well made, I love all the details and gorgeous leather, it's far better bag than some current It-bags for over $4K.
  4. Classybag4ever - I really do love it, I just love the slouchyness of it and how much of a no fuss bag it seems, it just seems to appeal to me a lot!

    GemsBerry - the one I have found is a very good price and its in very good condition, I think you are right even if I wear it a few times it will be worth it :smile:
  5. I have a red one that I use during the Christmas holidays. It holds a lot and is well made, however it is darn heavy. I've considered getting one in another color but the weight thing stops me. Yes, I could remove the lock but that, to me, it the bag's "thing."

    Buy it if you love it, trendy or no--I don't let the "trend" thing stop me from getting a bag I missed first time around. And everything comes back into fashion eventually (lordy, I NEVER thought I would see neon-colored sneakers again--boy, was I wrong! :amazed:).
  6. i have 3 paddys which i still use: brun and grenat and a castor crossbody paddy, i took the locks out as they ARE heavy!
    the paddy was the bag that got me into TPF!
    i like the fact that the leather is thick and, like the TARDIS, they seem bigger in the inside that the outside!
    i will say, go for it! is a lovely and unique bag, you'll get a lot of use of it
  7. Goooo for it! I've recently got mine in black after searching for 1 or 2 month(s). I absolutely adore the design. Though lots of people say the bag is heavy, I disagree. It's true that if you hand-carry it, it's kind of heavy. But I find it very comfortable and light when on my shoulder. Mine is medium size, very roomy. I might go for a mini. Absolutely a piece that you should own!
  8. + 1
  9. I have at one time own 3 Paddys but sold all three of them as I thought the trend is over and I got weird stares whenever I carried them. But after selling, I regretted and went on to buy two preloved. Till now I love them. But Elvire still rule!
  10. Thank you ladies! I went to go get the one I saw but it has already been sold :sad: im so gutted. I wasted time thinking if I should get it just because of trends but you all were right if you like it just get it. I'm so annoyed with myself :sad: :sad:
    I hope I find one soon
  11. no
    it is heavy
    it is out of trends
  12. Hi. Did they make the Vegas in white?? I have one but suspect it's not genuine having read some posts 😢😢

  13. I have a black paddy and absolutely love it! I could care less if it's not trendy- trends come and go, but a gorgeous well-made bag is forever.
  14. My wife has one of these in black. No collection is complete without one.
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  15. I never owned one and I think never will because it doesnt fit with my style. But that doesnt mean that it isnt a lovely bag! It just depends on your style- if it complements your style nicely, go get it and dont care about trends.
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