chloe paddington tan

  1. hi, does anyone here knows where to get Chloe paddington in Tan ? I've tried searching on ebay.. and only found wishkey color.


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  2. Did you try the Kirna Zabete sale? See post in the Chloe thread - I don't know if they had tan, but they had good deals!
  3. I got my tan '06 paddy from Harvey Nichols. I ordered it over the phone. I got the last one in stock, but thats not to say other Harvey Nics or Slfridges won't have any. So it is worth a try. Have you also tried calling a Chloe boutique?
  4. if you're still looking for a tan, aloharag still has them. they're authentic and has great service!
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  6. I don't know what their stock is like now but kirna zabete had tan paddys for around $1070 on sale.:heart:
  7. I'm living in Australia and I didn't see chloe on the website..

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