Chloe Paddington Tan 2005

  1. Hello,
    I recently purchased a 2005 Tan Chloe Paddington. I pretty sure it is authentic, it feels great and smells great.
    The serial number is 03-05-53, it's on the left hand side of the zippered pocket. I was just curious about the YKK, I don't see YKK anywhere on any of the zippers is this at all possible?
    I can post pics tomorrow in better light.
    However, any thoughts so far?
    Can anyone post a pic of their serial number or zippers?
    I would really appreciate any help!
    Thank you all,
  2. Hi Westiegirl! I got a black paddington & yes the zippers on both sides has a YKK mark.

  3. My '05 chocolate paddington has no YKK but my '06 does. Not all paddington zipper have YKK markings. Most 2006 paddingtons do but some 2005 paddingtons do not. I wouldn't worry that your '05 tan paddington does not have YKK engravements.

    HTH! :flowers:
  4. Both my bags are 05.
    One has YKK stampings and the other does not.
  5. I would be more worried if it was a new bag, as Chloe do seem alot more uniformed now than they were in the past two years.

    If you feel everything else about the bag is genuine, I would not let the zip ruin your enjoyment, as older bags famously had zip issues (not everybag was fitted with the YKK, so I do not count this as a way to disprove authenticity). So until proven otherwise, stop worrying and flaunt your paddy.

    Post some piccies though so we can see your lovely new bag :biggrin:
  6. Hello again,
    I really appreciated the help. I feels a little more assured. I have taken a few pictures this morning and let me know what you think.
    I also noticed one other thing check picture 4 the side buckle, one has chloe embossed on top side and on the other one it is underneath, has anybody else ever noticed this?
    I also saved the best picture for last, he's Wesley and we found him at the animal shelter a few months ago! :P
    Thanks again everybody for being so nice!
    wesley (Medium).JPG
  7. Yep, its completely normal to have the chloe inscribed on the top of the buckle on the left side (if looking from the front) and the chloe SHOULD be on the underneath of the buckle on the right side :smile:

    I will have a look at your piccies, and can I have your dog ;)
  8. Thanks Chloe-babe!
    Love the purse love the dog way more!!:heart: