Chloe Paddington Tall Satchel Only $1,012.50 @NM

  1. This is a great bag I have two!!!! Great post!!! You always find the great deals...

  2. Thanks ali w!! Even though I am supposed to be on a handbag ban, I am sooo tempted to get this one. I just bought 9 bags (returned 7) last month, but I want a Chloe. Do you have any pics of yours so I can get a better idea of what it looks like? BTW...the bag is also on sale at BG, but neither have free shipping....DARN IT!!!
  3. Try " welcome " for free shipping at NM it worked for me earlier today.
  4. Gone- hope it went to a loving PF home!
  5. It really is a fab bag and it fits tons of stuff. It is definitely in my top two of favorite bags:yes:! Sure here's a pic:
  6. Here's another pic in the cream...

  7. Thank you so much ali! Your Chloe bags are TDF!!! I didn't order the Chloe last night as I wanted to think about it until this morning. Welllllllll....when I logged on at 9 was GONE!! Last night it was available at both NM and BG, but both sold out! Darn it! I called my local NM today in hopes that they might have one but No Luck!! I could really kick myself for this. All day long I have returned to their sites in hopes that it would be there. Maybe if I call other locations, I'll get lucky!