Chloe Paddington (small lock) :)

  1. Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have this bag. I recently ordered the gold version and love the small lock! I have some regular paddies and the lock is heavy, this seems like the perfect solution.

    So my question is, how do you like it? Its super metallic, is it durable? I know its supposed to look worn/distressed to begin with, but does it get worse really quickly?

    Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. ^ pictures please! It sounds fabulous!!!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Its this bag but in a more gold/silver color. I'll post pics when it arrives, hopefully Friday or early next week :nuts:
  4. Wow! That is pretty! I have one with a big lock, but the weight doesn't bother me... I look at it like it's helping build my mama guns back up! :smile: (for those of you without kids, that's the big a$$ biceps you get from lugging a car seat around!)
  5. I had one of these that I purchased from NM and ended up sending back as it was just not what I expected. I guess I'm just the traditional Paddington type of gal.
    I did just purchase a med Paddy in black that I adore.
  6. I don't like the look of the small lock; it's more for decoration only, although the standard size lock is not particularly practical! I don't use the lock on my Paddy classic at all.