Chloe Paddington sizes ?????

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  1. Hi Ladies
    Not sure if this goes here , but have been wondering how many sizes of paddingtons there are and what the dimensions of them are ?

    i understand there is a small/baby padington but is there also a large and a medium ?

    Hope some one can help
    Thanks in advance
  2. hi ya
    there is the baby size, regular and yes there is a large paddington. there are also some variations of the paddington such as the totes.
    hope this helps
  3. Thats great thanks :smile:
    i dont supose anyone has the dimensions for each ?

  4. Do check the Reference Library - All about Paddingtons! Thread -

    Lots of photos there - also -

    Baby/Mini Paddington Club!!! -

    Should give you some insight into the Paddy in these Threads - photos and some of the girls modelling shots - gives you a 'feel' for the size too.