Chloe Paddington & Silverado on NAP now~~!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
yeah, too bad i'm holding out for a red one. the color that they have the hobo in on and man it's gorgeous.

i'm going to make up a little chloe dance for every time i see a real one for sale online.
Hi there,

Just a quick note about NAP -- I have bought quite a few things from them, and in the past had no problems with them. However, I bought a Chloe sweater from them in Oct., and returned it via DHL (their carrier), and DHL lost it "temporarily." I know you probably won't be returning a Paddington or Silverado, but just in case....

Anyway, they finally received the sweater after it was lost in Brussels, and they still haven't credited my account! And, they just completely deleted my whole registration information.

I'm going to have to buy things from NM, Saks and BG now. Btw, Nordstrom also carries Chloe -- I walked into mine one day (I'm in the suburbs), and there was a beautiful red Paddington waiting for me!


Nov 25, 2005
Noriko said:
Very nice paddy! Why is it 1720? I wonder if they raised the price again for the anthracite.

The metalics are more expensive because of the extra treatment to the leather to make it shiny??

I sooo wanted to buy the anthracite off NAP but I didn't because I'd have to pay about $700 more than if I were to get it elsewhere!!

And I thought i could have it before Christmas. :sad2: