Chloe Paddington Shopper

  1. Hi everyone
    I'm this site, by the way! I am looking for a CHloe Paddington Shopper--brown, black or ivory.....I actually saw it on NAP on sale and stupidly decided to "Think" about it, of course it was gone when I came back. Anyone know of any sales? If you do, could you let me know. Having seen it for less, I can't justify $1595!!

  2. You really need to jump on those NAP sales immediately, and then think about returning after you get it.
  3. Oh i just sold my on eBay and i take a loss too.
  4. i knew i should have joined sooner! Thanks ladies for the tips. I agree about buy and then think later. Won't happen again ;)
  5. Aw Oliver thats such a shame. The Nap sale actually made the website crash on numerous occasions this year with the sheer hit of people on there buying - you need to be in there quick.

    The good thing about here now is that people will look out for you and let you know straight away as soon as they spy one - I have found a lot of bags that way.

    Sorry for missing out but I am sure we will find you one soon
  6. I can relate, I am always late...usually I have money only 2 weeks after sales:cursing: .

    Now once I was lucky with LVR sales but unfortunately both bags (Bals)were not really my cup of tea the leather was really thin, so I returned them and got one regular and a bit of cash back. But they crossed me off their mailinglist since "my expectations" were too high for online buisness and better suited for buying directly grrrhhh!