Chloe Paddington shopper tote...zipper or not?

  1. Hey ladies, I'm new here so please excuse my ignorance...I noticed that some Paddington Shopper tote's have a main zippered opening at the top...and some do not? anybody know anything about this? does a zipper mean fake or no zipper mean fake? HELP..I'm so confused!!! :confused1:
  2. Actually I believe there are two different styles that had the word "shopper" in them. The first one, (and my personal favorite...I have this style in just about every color it came in!) was the "US SHOPPER." It's a huge, (about 12x17) paddington, that has two zippers on the top, just like the classic paddington, only it's a larger bag. :heart:This came out in '06, and the leather is smooshy and gorgeous, and the straps are longer, so it fits easily as a shoulder bag. Perfect for those of us that LOVE the classic paddy, but wanted a bigger version than the medium. :tup:Then, I THINK it was late '06, they came out with a "tote" type of paddy that was called the "Shopper". It is not my taste, but lots of Chloe-philes love it. :supacool: It has an open top, (or perhaps a magnetic closure, I'm not sure) but it's more of a shopping bag look with the paddy lock toward the bottom of the bag. I think this is where the confusion is, about the two styles of paddington "shoppers." The "US" was the first, and then they stopped making that one, and came out with the second style. As Chloe is wont to do...of course, they made it confusing using a similar name!:cursing:
    Hope this helps to explain the use of the word, "shopper" in the two different handbag styles:smile: