Chloe paddington Shopper/Tote At Nordies

  1. Hi all, I just got a call that Nordstrom in Connecticut has An Orange Paddington Tote/Shopper
    949.00 reduced from 1585.00
    Call Amelia-- She's a doll- 860-521-9090 aak for designer handbags:tup:
  2. Is that the square shaped flat one with the open top and the lock on the outside? Sounds like a fun color. Somebody stop me PLEASE. I should really stop buying purses!!!!
  3. You are not alone!!! I am not suppose to buy another purse until the next sale:rolleyes:... yet I keep looking for more bags. I just can't stop myself:nogood:.
  4. I think it is the tall tote that zips on bottom, with no closure on top. Call Amelia and she'll dsecribe it to you or send you a photo. if nothing else, you can get it and then return it if it's not your style!
  5. Oh - I know the various styles. Maybe this is the east/west zippy? I don't think so since it was never described as a tote. It doesn't matter ladies. I can't buy anything else. I really can't. Ah hah......