Chloe paddington shoes

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  1. Hello ladies just wanted to ask your advice-as a proud new owner of a whiskey paddington purchased last Friday -god my life is so complete now! - I wondered if any of you paddy owners have looked at/own the paddington shoes available on LVR also in Whiskey-I do realise this is a bag forum but it is Chloe paddington related - and would welcome your opinions...:idea:
  2. are you referring to the chloe mocs? those are so cute! i love chloe shoes!
  3. I mean these ones-

  4. i like those, they are cute.
  5. I know -I have spent ages obsessing over the bag and now I find they do matching shoes!! :biggrin:
  6. Ohhhh i just love those....:love: :love: :love:
  7. Oh, thank goodness those have a high heel! I can't wear that's one thing I don't have to buy! LOL! :lol:
  8. Well I was hoping that one of you may own a pair- and that you were going to tell me that they are incredibly uncomfortable !! I don't think my credit card could cope if I bought these aswell.:sad2:
  9. Cute shoes.
  10. I tried them on at Chloe SCP. They are very cute, but too high for me (my most "comfortable" height is 3"). I purchased a pair of platform sandals instead.
  11. I have the cream Chloe mocs from LVR and they are adorable!
  12. The mocs are really cute! And the heel shoes... so nice... love them!
  13. Hi...
    I tried the Chloe ballerina n mocassin yesterday, and I was so dissapointed, because its not so comfortable at all. I was so dying to get one to match with my paddy.
    I end up bying Prada flat sandal instead!! heheh...
  14. I have a tan paddington and tan paddington mocassins.

    I would never wear them's too much for me,especially since the shoes have the Chloe "C" on them.

    The mocassins were the most uncomfortable thing when I bought them;I kept them because 1) I was so sick of waiting for DHL and 2) I love the way they look.

    After wearing them indoors with socks all winter they are now finally ready to be worn by me this summer.

    Since those high heels have the same fronts as the mocassins,I would say that they probably draw blood.

    Plus I don't like those at all..but that's just me LOL.

    Save your money for something really nice;your whiskey paddy will go with a million pairs of shoes.
  15. I thought the same thing...not wearable in my life...