Chloe Paddington Satchel???

  1. Hey guys.
    I've been wanting a Chloe pAddington Satchel for the LONGEST time but its so hard to find.. especially at a discounted price. ive looked on eBay but they seem to look so fake to me. could anyone help me find it for a good price??? THANKS OS MUCH!!!! :yes:

    hjeres a link of what the bag looks like. i wouldnt care abotu the color of the bag

    Chloe Medium PADDINGTON Satchel Handbag - SHOP.COM
  2. I was just at my Nordstrom and they had a gold metallic one on sale. I think it is a the medium size. I have a large one and it was smaller than mine. I think the price was approximately $770. Here is the number if you are interested: 303-799-3400 ext 1250. Ask for Jenna Ryan. They also had a Tracy and a couple of older Chloe styles on sale.
  3. The Nordstrom in downtown seattle had them on sale. Might want to call them?!
  4. The Nordstrom in Cleveland also had one on sale. Good luck finding one.