Chloe Paddington satchel!

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  1. I love the colour of it, and the shape may be a little less played out than the paddington.

    Don't wory Dani, I'll be joining you in dreaming about it ! ;)
  2. i really like this bag. [​IMG]

    looks super diesel.
  3. So pretty!!! Dreaming here too!
  4. :smile: yeah, I really like the shape of it. I love the one you posted too, Fayden.

    such pretty bags!
  5. after seeing one for the first time IRL this weekend, my love for the paddington springs anew, and i believe i shall be aquiring one.
  6. Great bag! Looks flashy!
  7. Not too sure I like the gold bag, the one Fayden posted is awesome though :biggrin:
  8. I've seen the one fayden posted - for some reason the python silverados are far easier to get than the leather ones over here - its a really cool colour IRL. Even my mum liked it, and she thinks python is disgusting.
  9. I was looking at that bag yesterday,love the form & color.
  10. Yay! :nuts:
  11. Anyone has any info on this? I saw the picture on Chloe's website and I fell in love instantly!
  12. Like how big, how much, what colors, etc.
  13. I just found one in a grey color on LVR and am trying to find out the you know what it is called? It is posted under "New Chloe" I think.
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