Chloe Paddington Sale In Sydney!!

  1. hey girls, i just received a notice about a chloe sale for those living in sydney! i called them today, and they said there will be about 30% off the paddington bags from the 2007 range - they have been imported from milan apparently. im not 100% about authenticity, but i hear that it's authentic and comes with all documents but do be careful.
    however even with the sale, the bags still start at $AUD2000 but includes the latest designs

    check out this website:

    you are also able to reserve a bag if u can't make it this friday
  2. i asked around and some knowledgable fashionista friends says they this boutique sells authentic items
  3. Spring/Summer 07 collection of Chloe Paddington handbags. The stunning Chloe Paddington bag is the ultimate in luxury and an essential accessory for every A-lister and the hottest “arm candy” in Hollywood right now. Treat yourself to this gorgeous bag for the ultimate in timeless, luxurious style. Choose a brand new classic Paddington in a classic new color and carry it in the crook of your arm and feel good. As seen on Victoria Beckham.


    Men’s and Ladies Ferragamo Shoes – 50% cheaper than the shops. Grab your friends and come over and grab a bargain.

    Call Carl the Handbag Man on 0425 266 764 for more.

    WHEN Fri 18th May - Until stock is sold.
    WHERE Le mien boutique -
    Unit 504, 85 New South Head Road,
    Rushcutters Bay,
    Sydney (opposite Rushcutters park),
    5 mins walk down the hill from Edgcliffe train station.
    TIMES From 7am till 9pm everyday
    PAYMENT Cash and major credit cards accepted.
  4. Thanks for posting this! :smile:

    Have emailed Carl to ask about colours and prices.
  5. I tried the reserve a bag link but it doesnt work. He probably wont post to brisbane hey? What am i talking about?? I just got a new sable YESTERDAY. God help me :sos:
  6. Darn it!!

    I used to live in Sydney and work about 5mins from the sale location. Grrr

    Any idea what prices (in AUD) that we are talking about for a paddy?
  7. I haven't had a reply to my email yet. :sad:
  8. Anyone going? :graucho:
  9. I got a reply from Carl. But he just gave me a link to their website which doesn't load properly for me.
  10. What a piece of junk website.
  11. Was this legit or not... anyone go?
  12. Apparently it's $AU2000 - but it's the latest range spring/summer 07

  13. best to call him

  14. i don't plan on going. i just posted it up if anyone is interested. however the friend of mine who sent me the link went to the sale. she got a beige paddy and reckons it's authentic. she says if she has time she'll post up some pics on the forum of the bag. other than that, i don't know

  15. Thanks for the info jen2586