Chloe Paddington Purse

  1. Hey
    Im new to this forum, and i just wanted peoples opinions.
    I am looking at the small and the large purse/wallet in the chloe paddington with the little padlock on it.

    I dont know which one to go for.

    I already have a paddington in cream, blue and red. the medium betty bag in black and white. and a red chloe but i cant spell the name of it, its similiar to the silverado.

    Anyway thanks for your opinions.
  2. They are both pretty, it's more a question of what size would be most useful for you. If you prefer larger bags, the bigger wallet might be a good choice - easier to find in your bag, and you can also use it as an clutch. If you prefer smaller bags, the large wallet might obviously be a bit big, then the smaller might fit better.

    I personally like the bigger wallet, as I'm a great fan of clutches.
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