Chloe paddington purchase

  1. I am so..... excited. I went on Bluefly this morning and there was a red paddington bag. Someone on the thread posted a 15% coupon so I used it and it came to $1,089.00. I am thrilled. Had to share. :love:
  2. Wow, that's an awesome deal! Congrats! Is it the lipstick red or the wine red? Both are great tho and I do love a red bag:smile:)
  3. YEAH! GO BAGQUEEN!!!!! CONGRATS and post pics...dying to see it!!!!
  4. Wooo.good deal! You lucky gal...:biggrin:
  5. That is wonderful - especially the tip and the discount!! Can't wait to see pics.
  6. Congrats!
  7. Hey - congrats! Both reds are so pretty in the Paddy and what an awesome deal on this one - makes it even better - enjoy!
  8. Great bag and great deal - congratulations!!!
  9. That is great !! Congrats -- I always love a good deal and that one is amazing. :nuts:
  10. Congrats on a terrific deal!! Was it the grenat (dark red) one? I had that in my Bluefly shopping cart yesterday but unloaded it after thinking about how many dark red bags I already have. But enjoy your purchase :smile: It's definitely a great deal coz that exact same Paddy (in the grenat color) was sitting in Bergdorf Goodman two days ago and retailing for $1500+tax.
  11. Congrats. Pls post pictures.
  12. what a deal! i wonder who had snagged that bag.
  13. Looking forward to seeing your pics of the new bag!
  14. WoW! I can not beleive Bergdorf had it. I did not realize they were still selling this color. It is the dark red one. Thanks for letting it go because if you did not then I would not of gotten it.
  15. As soon as it arrives I will post photo's. I can not wait to get it.